Live sand for freshwater aquarium

bulkreefsupply. A good guideline for most tanks is to purchase 1. Imagitarium White Sand Aquarium Substrate turns your tank into a canvas for you to paint your aquatic masterpiece. Live sand, a term used in aquarism, is natural reef coral sand populated with millions of Live sand can be purchased from aquarium stores, but most hobbyists make their own by seeding dead sand with live sand from other aquarium systems. These freshwater crabs are some of the most popular species you can raise in a freshwater aquarium. Find and save ideas about freshwater aquarium on Pinterest. That is the particle size should be bigger or coarser. Whether you have freshwater, saltwater or reef aquaria you can use Aquarium Filter Guide to develop a successful aquatic ecosystem. Each 20 pound box comes with a selection of arches, rings, tunnels and more! There is simply no better, no more spectacular way to aquascape your marine or reef aquarium. Aquarium stones add accent and interest. Anubias Barteri $8. These crabs include Thai Micro Crabs, Panther Crabs, Batik Crabs, Carnival or Red Devil Crabs, Emerald Crabs, & adding more everyday! Mar 13, 2020 · Freshwater snails are an often overlooked aquarium inhabitant. Choose a finer gravel, perhaps pea-size aquarium rocks, if you want to include freshwater plants. Freshwater Aquariums & Tanks. Gives a natural look to your aquarium. Blasting sand is something commonly used with many aquarium hobbyist. The smallest aquariums are fish bowls , but these are not recommended for most fish as they are generally too small, tend to stunt fish growth, and may lead to eventual death. May 23, 2019 · A properly constructed & maintained sand bed can be a key part of the aquarium’s denitrification cycle. They are widely available in a variety of different colors, including blue, white, orange, yellow and red, and many are given funky names like the Wag Tail, Tuxedo platy and Mickey Mar 30, 2017 · When I first started in the saltwater fish tank hobby (1985), all tanks (that I knew of) had crushed coral as the normal substrate. From freshwater, ponds, to saltwater aquariums, we have everything you need to get started to creating a thriving aquatic system. You can get away with a 50lb bag for extremely cheap. 5 - 8. The Aquarium Filter Guide will help your figure out the best possible solutions for your aquarium waste issues and make sure you know exactly how to deal with a specific situation. for planted tanks and it works great. If your club isn't listed let us know and we can add it to our list. 0 - 2. Whether you're planning a shallow sand bed for a fish-only tank or a deep sand bed for your mixed reef, our CaribSea-powered sand bed calculator helps ensure you buy the right amount of sand for your system. A reef aquarium or reef tank is a marine aquarium that prominently displays live corals and other marine invertebrates as well as fish that play a role in maintaining the tropical coral reef environment. 54. Whether you want to start simple with a 10-gallon tank or upgrade to a 100-gallon tank, you will have to pick the best substrate to suit your new venture. Add live sand, which should contain a good starter population of organisms, to get it started and cycle the tank as normal. The sand is inert and will not impact sensitive pH balances. Or if ur planning on getting fish which require high PH by all means use the live sand. Perhaps one of the most fascinating freshwater aquarium crabs you can get, the Vampire Crab is sure to the star of your tank. Gravel & Substrate at the lowest prices online and up to 60% off everyday at That Fish Place - That Pet Place. A Red Cherry Shrimp can be a great little freshwater shrimp to add to an aquarium. Live Sand GALLERY. We receive new live aquarium plant shipments several times a week. It is usually used in saltwater aquariums, but can be used in freshwater aquariums when trying to maintain alkalinity. Estes Red Flint Sand - 50 lb. e. Precautions. Aquarium gravel or sand for your fish tank will enhance the look and feel of your marine habitat. Apr 25, 2019 · Carib Sea ACS00050 Aragonite Reef Sand for Aquarium, 40-Pound Nature's Ocean No. 00009 lb/ft³) with specific gravity of 1. $48. If we assume your tank is 24"x24" and you want 1 inch thick bed, and the sand weighs 70lbs per cubic foot (average for bags of basic aragamax) you'd need approximately 20 lbs of sand. $12. Convinced I wanted sand as my substrate, I did a fair bit of reading about anaerobic bacteria pockets and the gas escaping killing your fish. Some fishes love to eat the fine substrate particles along with their food, whereas some varieties of fish fall sick when particles such as sand or gravel get CaribSea Arag-Alive Bahamas Oolite 20lb Arag-Alive! - You can now bring the world's most exotic reefs into your home with CaribSea's Arag-Alive! substrates. As you are fired up by now, we will take a look on what equipment you can use in converting a freshwater into a saltwater aquarium. 5 to 2-pounds per gallon. We offer custom aquariums for any commercial and residential need, as well as maintenance plans. Copepods and other micro-crustaceans, miniscule brittle stars, tiny snails, and burrowing worms flourish, helping to keep the sand stirred, All that life produce tiny young, giving your corals live food of a proper size. Use plain Silica sand. To keep clams contained in the aquarium place them in a single serve applesauce container. The calcium in the sand and rock will buffer your PH to over 8. Small sea shells and  Results 1 - 24 of 44 Get the best deal for Aquarium Sand from the largest online selection at Carib Sea ACS000920 Ocean Direct Natural Live Sand for CaribSea Aquarium Eco- Complete Planted Substrate 20 LBS Freshwater Fish Tank. Spectrastone Special Blue Aquarium Gravel for Freshwater Aquariums, 25-Pound Bag See more like this CaribSea ARAG-ALIVE Fiji Pink 0. Miracle Mud creates an environment so healthy that even a novice aquarist can have his or her own aquarium showpiece, such as the aquariums pictured below! EcoSystem Filter / Freshwater This is the EcoSystem del 3612 fresh water filter that is set up by Brian Taimuty at his successful retail shop, Wet Pet in Pennsylvania. The water will have a pH of about 7. It also contains live bacteria (hence "live rock"), and they will die if they are housed in freshwater. Top fresh & saltwater aquarium online retail store. Aquarium live sand helps to create an eye-catching reef tank but also provides necessary live bacteria to help quickly cycle your tank. This white sand contains live bacteria to stabilize your tank and maintain a  The best sand for freshwater aquarium. Removal is a three step process: NH4 is converted by aerobic bacteria into Nitrite (NO2); this stuff is also toxic but less so than NH4. Choose the live reef sand that is most aesthetically pleasing to you but also works with your aquarium's high or low flow and benefits your tank's inhabitants. Fine gravel will provide the plant roots a more stable environment. 00 off for entering TNK Talk at check out!! Pool Filter Sand vs Nat Geo Aquarium Freshwater Invert Discussion This forum is for discussing all the freshwater invertebrates, such as snails, crayfish, freshwater shrimp, blue lobsters, etc. Sep 15, 2013 · I will be setting up a 300 gal this week. Jun 6, 2019 - The best sand for freshwater aquarium. Most people mistakenly believe that exotic fish that have bright colors are only found in the depths of seas and oceans. A question many aquarists have is how much sand to use in setting up their aquarium. 07kg Apr 29, 2020 · About Freshwater Aquarium Shrimps. Replace all the aquarium water removed ensuring that you use dechlorinator in the water first. With a massive variety of freshwater aquarium plants for sale, Arizona Aquatic Gardens will have just the right look and species for your aquarium. 2-1. Nature's Ocean No. Freshwater aquarium plants-Highly recommended, Fresh From Florida, 20 years in business BUSINESS SINCE 1999 SHIPPING SPECIAL for PLANTS: $9. It offers fine grains that are ideal for planted aquariums that require ‘soil’ in which to grow. Gravel is a popular option for freshwater aquariums, but sandy substrates may be a better choice in specific situations. 5 - 1. ALL SUBSTRATE SOLD IN 20 POUND BAGS ONLY, THEY COME 2 BAGS PER CASE FROM THE MANUFACTURER. Breeding aquarium snails can also be quite rewarding. I have 3-20# bags of Nature's Ocean Premium Live Aragonite Black Reef Sand for sale. html Today on BRStv, we discuss the benefits of live sand in your aquarium and the diffe Because there’s no substitute for the real thing, build your saltwater aquarium display on the foundation of Nature's Ocean Bio-Activ Live Aragonite Natural Aquarium Sand. Freshwater and saltwater, including live rock, can be compared by size and cost. A medium growing goby found throughout streams and estuaries in Northeastern Australia, the Empire Gudgeon or Empire Goby is an adaptable species found in brackish to pure freshwater habitats. Swirl by hand and pour off any cloudy water, which should be discarded. We cover here the advantages and drawbacks you need to pay attention to when you choose the sand Some types live in freshwater, some in saltwater and others live in both! Nitrifiers can be found in garden soil, on pebbles in a stream, living ocean sediment and in sewage treatment plants. Three or four small clams can be housed per container. Just enter your aquarium's length, width and ideal sand bed depth to calculate how many pounds of sand you'll need. Nature's Ocean Aragonite Live Sand for - Best White Sand for Freshwater Aquarium. Sep 27, 2018 · Live Plants in Freshwater Aquarium “Pogostemon Helferi or Called Daonoi” – Pogostemon Helferi is one of many unusual foreground plants for freshwater aquariums. Even though they are considered to be a docile species, they are known to be the cause of injuries to people more than any other animal in the system. Nature's Ocean® Aquarium Sand: Premium Live® Aragonite Reef Sand for Aquariums Bio-Activ Live® Natural White Live Cichlid Sand ITEM: #88426 UPC: #029904884264 Grain Size:1. Fill the containers with a fine substrate such as sand. Freshwater aquarium plants can be grown in gravel, sand or pots. 0 out of 5 stars 36. Aquarium Advice Store Guide to Starting a Freshwater Aquarium Aquariums can be a relaxing and enjoyable addition to any home that will provide both you and your … pH neutral silica sand compatible with marine and freshwater environments! Our coated naturals add a splash of color or class to any aquarium. A sand which would have lesser calcium content. The best aquarium lighting, protein skimmers, aquarium chillers, calcium reactors, aquarium pumps for fish tanks, reef tanks, and water gardens. Stones, reef ceramic columns / walls, sand, soil, gravel and (coral) fracture for the design of the seawater or freshwater aquarium to suit every taste. In a freshwater aquarium ecosystem we can encourage the colonization of anaerobic bacteria by using a sand bed of an 1. Nov 02, 2012 · http://www. . 5 to 2 inches (4 to 5 cm). We provide 5 star maintenance as well as custom design, installation, or moving. Once the waste has settled you can use a vacuum siphon to pick up all the particles that now sit on the sand. Aragonite sand can be mixed with live sand or crushed corals. Before listening to the podcast, I had 2 pretty firm beliefs about the use of sand in a saltwater aquarium: Belief # 1: Aragonite sand in a saltwater aquarium can have a beneficial effect as a buffer and calcium source. Many of the fish kept in aquariums come from waters that flow lower than gravel. all at great prices! Shop LiveAquaria for one of the largest selections of captive-bred and aquacultured aquatic life in the industry. During the first month introduce no more than 1″ of fish per 5 gallon saltwater. Freshwater aquarium sand can be pH neutral, while specialty blends are made for fish like African Cichlids that prefer hard water with a higher mineral content. Both pioneers and producers, we develop and manufacture the highest quality aquarium substrates on the market today. Avail a decent flow rate as they do well with a good level of current. 5% off all subsequent orders. Aquarium sand is perfect for soft belly fish like sharks and stingrays. I want to get maybe a 30 or 40 gallon tank soon, with all real plants and maybe some sand from home depot. This is more than just an aesthetic choice; it also impacts your aquarium’s set-up and longevity. Live sand can be used as a medium or substrate and can also assist the biological  Products 1 - 40 of 45 Shop for Aquarium Sand in Fish Tank & Aquarium Decoration Carib Sea Ocean Direct Natural Carribbean Aquarium Live Sand, 40 Lb. If used for live plants, I recommend about ½” #00 or #1 sand followed by 2-1/2” of medium (#3) gravel, with laterite mixed in around plant roots. Daytona, FL 32119 386-255-3474 www. Answer: To clean the Activ-Betta® Live Gravel for your aquarium DO NOT use soap or any toxic product that could kill your fish. This sand comes in real seawater and comes preloaded with millions of sea bacteria and organisms that act as a filter in your tank, keeping the water even cleaner in conjuction with your existing filter system. The term “live” refers to the micro and macro-organisms that are naturally present within the substrate. Another good option is traditional play sand – the – 3 – Carib Sea There are three basic approaches for starting an aquarium with live sand: Use 100 percent live sand, which can be very costly. Unless it arrives smelling foul, live sand should be rinsed in saltwater to remove any organic matter that may foul the water in the aquarium. Photo: Icewall42 A freshwater planted aquarium is one of the most beautiful sights in the world of fish keeping, and with a little work, you can have one of your own. So I would almost make the split tank front/back - match the substrates (can live sand be made into a freshwater substrate?), then plant the back and aquascape it into one scene. Nova Rd. Shop LiveAquaria® Freshwater Fish category for the finest selection of freshwater tropical aquarium fish. Small to medium aquariums should have two to three inches of gravel or one inch of sand in the bottom. Aquarium Forum > General Freshwater Aquarium Topics > Freshwater Invert Discussion > Will my snails like sand? Jun 20, 2020 · One of the first decisions you’ll face when designing an aquarium is what type of substrate to use in the bottom of your tank. Guaranteed Low Prices. Here is some info. Description: Onyx Sand is a specially fracted, stable porous gravel for the natural planted aquarium. Nutrafin Cycle isn't necessary, nor is Stress Zyme, Stress Coat is a dechlorinator so should be used. Using proper fertilizers and planting in mini pots with soil might be required. A reef aquarium requires appropriately intense lighting, turbulent water movement, and more stable water chemistry than fish-only marine Additionally, certain species of ornamental aquarium snails may damage live plants so they should be used with caution in planted tanks. Inert - won't affect your water pH. 99 Premium Live® Aragonite Reef Sand for Aquariums o Collected in its natural environment and packaged in its natural state (U. Freshwater aquarium sand can be pH  Nature's Ocean Aquarium Sand: • Every grain of sand in the ocean is covered with a biofilm. If you have sand sifters like Brittle Starfish, Serpent Starfish, Sea Cucumbers and other detritivores look for our live sands, which is used to remove toxic wastes from saltwater aquarium tanks. 5 pounds of substrate per gallon. 99 Black Pearl Bucephalandra Nature's Ocean® Base Rock for culturing live rocks is the logical choice for aquarium hobbyists, whether you are in the business of coral farming or aquascaping, creating the optimal natural environment is key to growing and maintaining healthy corals. Aquatic Interiors Seacave is a full-service aquarium supply outlet for the hobbyist, for home or office and commercial concerns. My thoughts were to put in about 40-60lb's of the ocean nature live sand and then put fine white sand on top of the live sand for the cleaner more fine sand look. Some aquarium sands are specially designed for fish and animals that like to burrow and dig. 5 best freshwateraquarium sand choices – 1- Pool Filter Sand by Fairmount Minerals “A solid option for beginners”. Be careful when vacuuming sand as it is easy to suck it into the vacuum and if it is a powered vacuum, this can damage it or clog a Python or similar. ​4. Poseidon Aquarium 1801 S. 00 off for entering TNK Talk at check out!! Pool Filter Sand vs Nat Geo Aquarium Sand Live sand made from aragonite, a form of calcium carbonate, is a favorite of many aquarists thanks to its lack of silicates, which can cause algae problems in your tank. This can be used for African Cichlids also, it is a very good choice. The main reason being because you need to buy more equipment such as powerheads, protein skimmers and you also need live rock. Aug 28, 2017 · If its just an aquarium without any live plants, basically any sand that would not cloud the water will do. Cherry Shrimp or Neocaridina heteropoda, also known simply as Cherry Shrimp, are natives of Taiwan. It's acceptable to mix live rock from different islands to give your aquarium a completely unique appearance. 3. E-mail me for any questions! ZTM Jan 26, 2017 · I have used fresh live sand in FW setups. The black aquarium sand stands still as you set the surreal scene with iridescent fish and vibrant coral reefs. Sand is an appropriate substrate for a freshwater aquarium. Each grains contains microscopic pores within each sand grains which encourages beneficial bacteria to grow, maintaining a healthy population o At Live Rock n Reef we offer live sand for your aquarium, aquarium supplies and quality Aquarium Live Rock at wholesale prices CORONA UPDATE: We are shipping live rock, coral & clam box lots, frag packs and dry goods ( Sorry no fish, live coral & plants or inverts orders ) We hope you and your loved ones stay safe. When properly cared for, they can live for five years or more! These crabs get their names from their signature bright-red claws. In the wild, freshwater snails can live in nearly any body of water including rivers, lakes, and ponds. (Read also another substrate for the aquarium here). All Freshwater Aquariums · All Saltwater Aquariums · Aquarium Decor · Ciano · Clearseal · D-D Reef Pro · Eheim · Evolution Aqua · Juwel · Kids Aquariums  Learn about colored Aquarium sand and How our sands are used in Aquariums. 4. Play sand might have the advantage over other aquarium substrates of being cheap and readily available, but you can’t just dump it straight in the tank. The varying colors and grain sizes make for an attractive substrate. Nature's Ocean Bio-Activ Live Aragonite Beach Live Sand for Aquarium, 10-Pound, Black. Adding Salt to a Freshwater Aquarium When and When not to Add Salt By Tony Griffitts. Live sand is shipped wet with beneficial bacteria, reducing time to cycle an Most freshwater aquarium can use any fish tank sand or gravel, except reef sand,   Aragonite Reef Sand with Live Stabilized Marine Bacteria : Use alone, or to Ideal for Marine and freshwater where a higher pH is required Perfect as a  Aquarium substrate has various functions and should be chosen according to the type of tank, i. A deep sand bed might not be sufficient to keep things in balance. The truth is that there are lots of interesting and easy to care for cool fish that live in freshwater and can make a great addition to your freshwater aquarium. The Caribsea White Marine Sand is a decorative sand, it is a great way to accent your brightly coloured tropical fish. Its pretty cheap. Aqua Nova Aquarium Sand 20kg (grade 1) Suitable for both freshwater and marine aquarium. 99. flammenmoos) and Java Fern (Microsorum pteropus). The Shrimp Farm has been the industry leader of selling aquarium shrimp for over 10 years. Put the container in the tank and have the gravel a 1/4 -1/2 inch below the top of the container. Live Freshwater Plants 17 Item(s) Show 15 30 45 60 120 All per page Jun 20, 2020 · One of the first decisions you’ll face when designing an aquarium is what type of substrate to use in the bottom of your tank. Shop all fish gravel, sand & stones online Get the best deals on Aquarium Sand when you shop the largest Aquatic Sand Freshwater and Marine Aquariums 5lb Bag Natural White Aquarium Live Sand. In the freshwater aquarium hobby, some people use hang-on-back filters where the bacteria colonize a sponge or biowheel or sumps with bioballs, etc. A reef aquarium requires appropriately intense lighting, turbulent water movement, and more stable water chemistry than fish-only marine SHRIMP SAND; Mesh Filter Guards; Complete Aquarium Setups. Eight environmentally accurate ecoscapes, developed through CaribSea’s cooperation with public aquariums and zoological parks where authenticity is a must, Arag-Alive!™ makes any aquarium uniquely yours. 25 of a millimetre. $21. 0 so Freshwater Stingrays. When looking for something for your freshwater tank, sand doesn’t always come to mind. Below is a list of the easiest freshwater plants to keep in the aquarium. Cat litter, dog litter, wild bird food, live & frozen food. Although ideally suited to planted aquaria, it may be used in any aquarium environment. This way, the massive coralline algae and bacteria will spread onto your new rock and coral and house themselves there. You could have clown fish in front of tetras. Indeed, there is no best or ideal grain size for sand in marine aquariums. They do best when they have a lot of access to soft sand so that they can burrow themselves for safety. Live Sand. Live sand is unsuitable, it contains a bunch of dead bacteria and is composed of Calcium Carbonate so will raise your PH. Eventually, as time went on tanks have turned sand based and now sand seems to be the norm for FOWLR. It certainly looks nice and it provides for a really natural look. Nutri Seawater should be a part of every monthly partial water change to ensure essential elements are kept at appropriate levels. Don't use a marine sand. 07kg Best Substrate For Freshwater Aquarium Plants Aquarium substrate is the material that covers the bottom of any aquarium. The selected substrate must serve the needs of the system and its inhabitants. Aug 21, 2016 · Switching Your Aquarium Substrate From Gravel To Sand! 125 Gallon Aquarium Overhaul! Live Fish Direct $10. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned hobbyist, find quality aquatic life all backed by our 14-day Arrive Alive, Stay Alive®, Risk-Free Guarantee for a risk-free experience. 0 Bio-Activ Live Aragonite Live Sand for Aquarium, 10-Pound, Natural White CaribSea Aquatics Eco-Complete African Cichlid Zack Sand, 20-Pound, Black Stoney River White Aquatic Sand Freshwater and Marine Aquariums, 5-Pound Bag Yes. Animals For Sale; Accents & Decor; Acrylic Door/Lid Supplies; Aquarium & Fish Supplies. Live rocks and most invertebrates can be added immediately. Regular price $2. Crushed coral is coral rock that has been finely crushed and is used as a substrate in an aquarium. Direction to Use - Before placing the sand in aquarium, gently rinse it with clean water a few pounds at a time until water turns from murky to clear. If you plan on using it in reef tanks where a bottom current is often needed – use the medium grade one. Free Standard Shipping Exclusions: cat litter, dog litter, ice melter, wild bird food; live fish, rock and sand, ocean water, crystals and salt; aquatic gravel and accents; crickets, live and frozen food. Stones & ground cover. In the aquarium, they are hardy and undemanding, and will live in groups as long as ample space and cover is provided for each fish to stake out a territory. com  2 Nov 2012 http://www. Caribsea Live Marine Sand At AquaCave, we offer some of the best selection & best prices on Caribsea LIVE Marine Sand for you marine, reef, and freshwater aquarium. Then place sand in aquarium. of live rock. Fish enjoy digging pits and sifting through material to find food, this is much easier to do with sand than it is with gravel. S. Nov 21, 2016 · When placing substrate in your aquarium, make sure to use the right amount. a. k. These fish will go to the bottom of your tank, grab mouthfuls of sand, sift Shrimp come in at number 2 because their only downfall is that they can't live with  12 Sep 2019 Live sand is actually a kind of coral sand which is directly taken from the ocean, including the organisms that were living in it during that point. com/bulk-dry-live-rock-live-sand/live-sand. These fish can be a joy to keep in the home aquarium but it is essential that you provide them with the proper tank setup to ensure that they thrive. (Available in 5 Exotic, All Natural Live Sands From Around The World) Well check out new LifeRock™ Shapes, the latest version of CaribSea’s amazing LifeRock™ line up. All you need is a very clean or new bucket preferably one only to be used for the aquarium gravel cleaning. Feb 13, 2018 · I've read that certain types of substrate are bad for corydoras, and I was wondering if something like CaribSea Eco Complete would work (I'm setting up a planted tank) or if you could recommend your favorites. $29. Gradually introduce fish within the first 3 weeks, and do not exceed one inch of fish per 5 gallons during this time. Live sand helps speed the natural nitrogen cycle of aquariums thereby allowing faster introduction of Curing live sand. One of the best ways to cycle any new saltwater aquarium is with live rock or live sand. Pool filter sand has rounder particles and doesn't have to be rinsed I have never seen that warning on play sand before, there maybe something else Aquarium Sand Bio Activ Live Sand: Live Aragonite Reef Sand & Substrates - Ideal for reef system tank bottoms, denitrifying anaerobic beds, extremely high surface area filter media. Sodium Chloride, rock salt, table salt, solar salt, aquarium salt) to freshwater aquariums has been around almost as long as the hobby. At Live Rock n Reef we offer fluidized bed sand filters for your aquarium, aquarium supplies and quality Aquarium Live Rock at wholesale prices CORONA UPDATE: We are shipping live rock, coral & clam box lots, frag packs and dry goods ( Sorry no fish, live coral & plants or inverts orders ) We hope you and your loved ones stay safe. Aquarium diseases · Aquarium fish by scientific name · Freshwater aquarium  21 Nov 2016 Gravel is the better choice for most freshwater aquariums. Great value. Gently submerge your container into the aquarium water and lay the sand across the tank floor. Sand. A reef aquarium requires appropriately intense lighting, turbulent water movement, and more stable water chemistry than fish-only marine However, there is a way around this. This list has been hand selected from hundreds of plants. So decided to give it ago. Carib Sea Arag-Alive Sand – Best for Coral Growing. May 26, 2008 · Play sand is really dusty and takes forever to get rinsed enough to go into the aquarium. Live sand is more expensive but gives the tank a head start on biological filtration. Then I found an article about deep sand beds working in a freshwater aquarium. We cover here the advantages and drawbacks you need to pay attention to when you choose the sand. With over 750 certified 5 star reviews! As well, unlike live rock, even when added to the aquarium the sand is not normally exposed to much water flow and oxygen. Nature's Ocean® Bio-Activ Live™ Aragonite is naturally from the  Live Sand. Thus for both reasons live sand does pretty much ZERO for getting your aquarium nitrogen/bio cycle going, making live sand an expensive gimmick to avoid. 99 2nd Day Air - Guaranteed! Since sand crabs live in sand — the area of the ocean most often contaminated by toxins — they play an important role in the beach ecosystem. Grow Healthy Aquarium Plants With This Freshwater Aquarium Plants Guide Made For Beginners. poseidonaquarium. 99 Ocean Direct Natural Live Sand - 20 lb. Since 2005 The Shrimp Farm has sold and shipped live shrimp, and has guaranteed live arrival on all shipments in the United States, and recently also setup in Canada. In addition, when configuring your glass fish aquarium you can choose from many shapes and sizes such as square, pentagon, hexagon, rimless, or amphibious aquariums. This will depend on each plants specific needs and your choice of substrate. It is the same with "Live Rock". 0 Bio-Activ Live Aragonite Live Sand for Aquarium Collected in its natural environment and packaged in its natural state (U. The sand will filter water, provide nutrients to plants, and create a place for bottom feeding animals to dig and bury themselves. Neptunian; Mr Aqua/Komoda; Reef Octopus Lux Classic; Juwel Aquarium ; WATERBOX; Evolution Aqua; Frag Aquariums Models; BiOrb Aquarium; Red Sea ; Red Sea Max; Red Sea Reefer; AQUA MEDIC AQUARIUM ; CADE Reef Series; CADE PRO REEF; CADE River Series; Cade terrarium tank; Jellyfish Aquarium May 13, 2020 · Speaking of the tank, these crabs need hiding spaces. Adding this rock back into the water triggers the nitrogen cycle when the dead organic matter starts decomposing. It needs a thorough cleaning, regardless of whether children and cats may have buried various revolting things in it first. Play sand can be purchased at most hardware stores for as little as $3 a bag. S. Freshwater bacteria is different so you must use base sand and base rock. The recommendation is 2 inches of gravel for tanks up to 55 gallons, and 3 to 4 inches for larger aquariums. Repeat throughout the tank floor until all sand has been upturned. Live aquarium plants continuously shed edible plant matter into the water column. If you’re a beginner aquarist and you’re – 2 – Play sand by Brookstone “Inexpensive and readily available”. Types of Freshwater Aquarium Invertebrates. By comparison, natural substrates, like live rock and live sand are much more common in the saltwater aquarium hobby. Wait about 1/2 hour and remove around 20% of the aquarium water. The Instant Aquarium line offers many styles of finer grade natural gravels and sands water packed with living, water purifying bacteria, state of the art clarifier, and a complete water conditioner. Like the guppy, they are small and colorful, while being very easy and low maintenance to look after. It can be a great solution for larger fish tanks on a budget. Other sands for use as a substrate for planted freshwater aquariums: Pool Filter sand and “play sand” are commonly recommended and used for planted aquariums as well. 6mm to 13mm and features a pleasing reddish/brown coloration. Privacy Policy Terms of Use Site Map Terms of Use Site Map What to note while choosing the right types of substrate for freshwater aquarium Choose the size of the substrate after doing considerable research about the type of fish that you own. Grain Size: 300µ to 400 µ. Item #: 20701 Mar 27, 2009 · Can you use LIVE SAND in a freshwater tank? I talked to an employee last night with 58 tanks who's raised cichlids for 10 yrs + tell me he has used it in his tanks, esp. Calculate how much of this gravel is required to attain a specific depth in a cylindrical , quarter cylindrical or in a rectangular shaped aquarium or pond [ weight to volume | volume to weight | price ] © 2020 DFW Aquarium Supplies. One of the main advantages to having sand at the bottom of your aquarium is that it serves as a home for beneficial bacteria that help  Live sand is sand taken from the sea which contains living flora and fauna. Saltwater Aquarium vs Freshwater May 2013. Click here to learn the top 7 reasons you should join an aquarium club. The benefit from buying from pet stores or your local fish shop is you can find substrate that has beneficial additives for your water and plants. Their bright red color really adds beauty to a tank, especially one loaded with live green aquarium plants and black gravel or substrate. Additives & Supplements; Air Pumps & Air Stones; Aquarium Backgrounds It's full of microorganisms and small invertebrates. Now that we’ve briefly discussed the role and variations of sand in the wild, and how this connects to your reef tank, it’s time to get into the gritty topic of aquarium sand types. unused, See the seller's listing for full details, SETUP YOUR SALTWATER TANK, OR DRIED ROCK, unopened, Condition:: New: A brand-new, See all condition definitions : , undamaged item (including handmade items), OR SALTWATER DECOR TO YOUR TANK, SAND FOR FRESHWATER SALTWATER REEF AQUARIUM 20 LBS, LIVED ROCK, RUN YOUR SALTWATER SYSTEM, Aquarium Coral & Live Rock SAND FOR FRESHWATER SALTWATER Freshwater Aquarium Disease Prevention, Recognition and Treatment Hobbyists who take proper care of their aquariums will rarely encounter sick fish but there is no guarantee that you will never have to treat your fish for a disease. Once you have followed the initial steps to clear the aquarium you can then begin to gently rake the sand with your fingers. Aquarium Silver Sand is available in different size bags of 2kg and 20kg. 99 on all orders! The Shrimp Farm specializes in freshwater aquarium shrimp for both the beginner, and long time shrimp hobbyists!. Keep saltwater tanks healthy with live sand, which contains beneficial bacteria and sea minerals like calcium. Live Sand Reef Sand Nutri Sea Water AQUARIUM SUPPLIES Aquarium Sand Aquarium Saltwater Sand Bio-Activ Live Aragonite Aquarium Gravel Aquarium Rock Aquarium Saltwater Rock Aquarium Saltwater Aquarium Planted Substrate Betta Water Betta Live Gravel Aquariums, Stands & Parts Calcium Reactor Media Aug 28, 2016 · Maintaining A Sand Substrate In Your Aquarium! KGTropicals!! KGTropicals. For a planted tank, it is different. With sand, you want to have 1 inch of sand for tanks with small burrowing fish and 2 inches for larger burrowing fish. freshwater, planted, fish-only, reef, etc. This makes them an excellent addition to an aquarium; when cared for properly, they help keep the aquarium clean. With the proper substrate in place, growing plants in an aquarium is easy. Aquarium City has an enormous selection of : Freshwater Fish; Freshwater Plants; Pond Fish; Pond Plants; African Cichlids; Brackishwater Fish; Salt Water Fish; Corals & Invertabretes; Reptiles & Amphibians; Live rock & Live Sand Aquarium Silver Sand is 150-250U so each grain is around 0. . CaribSea Ocean Direct Caribbean Live Aquarium Sand at PetSmart. Gently push the sand from the bottom to the top. 4737 relative to pure water. Mar 05, 2011 · the "live" parts need marine water for the bacteria. We specialize in the state-of-the-art hardware for maintaining life of both salt and fresh water species from off-the-rack aquariums, custom-made aquatic environments to outdoor ponds. Special Grade Reef Sand - Grain Size 1. The Shifting Sands of Tank Perfection - Dry Sand vs Live Sand. Some of the more popular species of freshwater snail include the Nerita Snail Aquarium Fish, Tropical Fish, and Goldfish for Sale Online Live Plants . Sand in an Aquarium Sand starts out as a great substrate but after a while, the water pressure packs it down tight, which causes "dead" spots in the sand, where air can't get down through the layers. None of the animals in live sand can live in freshwater, so they'll all die and contaminate your tank. 7mm Packaged 2 – 20lb/9. Freshwater Plants > Aquarium Plants Aquarium Plants. 7 kg/m³ (92. You can use this for almost any wildlife, but it works well for shrimp tanks. The fish can play in the sand pit and the gravel and sand won't mix. Mar 04, 2019 · Sand is always an option to go with for a freshwater aquarium. Mar 29, 2019 · Run the sand under water in a pillowcase or ultra-fine mesh container until the water comes out clean. Free Shipping for qualified orders. Most of the time they end up in tanks by mistake, but they really can be a blessing in disguise! Their ability to clear a tank of algae and detritus is unparalleled except by the more delicate Neocaridina shrimp. Below is a listing of aquarium clubs and societies throughout North America. 0 for the first 2 months and will then drop to about 7. Answer: For your new aquarium setups to achieve Instant Cycling® use Nature’s Ocean® Nutri-SeaWater along with Bio-Activ Live® Aragonite Reef Sand or Substrate to provide the perfect start. Aquarium supply for your aquarium fish, saltwater aquariums, freshwater aquariums and ponds. If you do go for the finer 30/60 grit in a freshwater setup, you will have a really easy time planting plants. At AquaCave, we offer some of the best selection & best prices on Aquarium Sand and Gravel for you marine, reef, and freshwater aquarium Jan 27, 2019 · Live sand is a substrate that has been sourced from a coral reef, or alternatively, it is cultured from non-living coral sand. Whether you are shopping for a planted freshwater aquarium, a marine fish only tank or a saltwater reef tank, our aquarium experts will help you pick the perfect fish tank at factory direct prices. Aquatech Aquariums & Ponds, Unit 12, Spen Business Park, Ashworth Rd, Blackpool, Lancashire, United Kingdom, FY4 5LP - 01253 312 595 Company registration number - 1181730. The dark green and the curled appearance of its leaves make this plant has a unique look than another foreground plants. Marine aquarium hobbyist have used a deep sand bed and lots of live rock in the aquarium ecosystem (including the sump) to provide as much as possible an environment for anaerobic bacteria to colonize. Larger aquariums should have three to four inches of gravel or two inches of sand. Belief # 2: Sand containing silicate could be disastrous in a saltwater aquarium because it will fuel the growth of problem algae. Jan 06, 2008 · Live sand buffers the pH to around 8. Aqua Nova Aquarium sand clears quickly once added to the aquarium. Most Exotic and Coolest Freshwater Aquarium Fish. Privacy Policy Terms of Use Site Map Freshwater Crabs Freshwater Clams Freshwater Lobsters © 2020 DFW Aquarium Supplies. Patent #'s:6,376,299 & 6,939,708) o Just place in tank, add saltwater (for best results use NutriSeawater®) Both freshwater and saltwater aquariums require tanks that have a hood, gravel or sand as substrate, and a reliable filter that cleans the water at least 5 times an hour. Domoic acid — a naturally occurring toxin produced by microscopic algae — causes serious amnesic poisoning in higher animals, including humans. Bulk Reef Supply - Saltwater Aquarium Supplies for Reef Tanks Upscale Aquatics is your number one stop for all things aquatic. Oct 17, 2019 · The aquarium should be sufficiently aerated and filtered. These bags cost $30. From sword plants, oxygenating grasses, potted plants to plants on driftwood, our diverse inventory is sure to turn your aquarium from ordinary to EXTRAordinary! Aquariums may be decorated with sand or gravel, live or plastic plants, driftwood, rocks, and a variety of commercially made plastic sculptures. Can be used in fresh or saltwater. The practice of adding salt (a. Shrimps are very easy-to-care which makes them a great choice. Arag-Alive!(TM) creates a natural biological balance, and makes cycling a new aquarium faster and safer. Continue until you add the desired amount of sand. Sea sand holds many living organisms which can die off and pollute the water. Amazingly, this is 'live' sand,  9 Jun 2020 Yes, sand is good for both salt water and freshwater aquariums. So a 30-gallon saltwater aquarium should have about 45 to 60-lbs. The next step is deciding on whether to have a freshwater or saltwater aquarium! It is probably one of the most important decisions you’re going to have to make with regards to the fish tank. One of the major benefits of gravel is that it allows water to flow through it, preventing  Looking for the best aquarium sand for your fish tank? Great for freshwater fish like cichlids, tetras, angelfish, and live plants; Large, natural grains for the most  Results 1 - 24 of 269 Online shopping for Sand - Aquarium Substrate from a great selection at Pet Supplies Store. Free Shipping over $75 everday with code 'FREE75'. Call 1-888-THAT-PET to order today! Freshwater Substrates by Bob Fenner, Nice bottoms; Choosing the right substrate for your aquarium by Neale Monks, Freshwater Deep Sand Beds Work by Deirdre Kylie, & Related FAQs: Freshwater Substrates 1, FW Substrates 2, Freshwater Filtration, Freshwater Set-up, FLAT SHIPPING rate of $9. This product will not affect pH. Supplied in a 20lb bag, each bag will cover 12-18 inches of a normal width aquarium. Sure the PH can be lowered but there is no need to add live sand if ur gonna just end up lowering PH As suggesting just get silica sand. Enjoy a piece of the Rio Negro as it winds its way through dark and brooding jungles. High quality, fine grained sand that is ideal for a variety of aquascape applications in both freshwater and saltwater environments. Carib Sea   50 Items Keep saltwater tanks healthy with live sand, which contains beneficial bacteria and sea minerals like calcium. Jul 18, 2017 · Another of the best freshwater fish for beginners is the Platy. They’re almost everywhere, even in water vapor floating through the air. Aquariums may be decorated with sand or gravel, live or plastic plants, driftwood, rocks, and a variety of commercially made plastic sculptures. A bag that costs around $10 will supply you with around 50lbs of black aquarium sand. So I found this article about deep sand beds. Vampire Crab. 0 mm. Make sure the type of fish you are getting don't need gravel for any reason, and make sure that the sand doesn't have salt in it. With freshwater tanks, size depends largely on the amount of fish you’re planning to house. What Crustaceans Can Live With Guppies? Saltwater Fish Tanks for Beginners. Coral Sand. Jun 16, 2020 · Oscars are a popular species of freshwater aquarium fish known for their large size and dog-like personalities. Sand is "Live Sand" when it gets all the beneficial bacteria growth on it. In most cases, feeding a Freshwater Clam naturally occurring edible material is not enough. Preferably one that would not disintergrate over time. If I use this for Cichlids in a fresh water tank how will this sand affect my plants? Reef aquarists will enjoy the live sand properties which include reduction of nitrate, ammonia  and freshwater aquariums. Jun 23, 2020 · Freshwater Aquarium Shrimp are amazing in any aquarium. Thinner/finer sand compacts and weighs more to fill the same area. Live freshwater aquarium crabs shipped safely to your door! Elite Inverts specializes in hard to find, unique, freshwater aquarium crabs from all parts of the world. To rinse, half-fill a bucket with warm saltwater and pour the live sand in. Stoney River White Aquatic Sand Freshwater and Marine Aquariums, 5-Pound CaribSea ACS00905 Ocean Direct Natural Live Sand for Aquarium, 5-Pound. Key Features: Comes pre-washed. Dec 27, 2016 · live gravel for freshwater aquariums - Freshwater Aquarium Gravel Pure Water Pebbles® ? Nature's Ocean®Custom Blend Aquarium Gravel, Freshwater A CaribSea, Freshwater, Eco-Complete Cichlid, Sand weighs 1 473. Aquatic plants are essential for a healthy aquarium. However, now that I have stepped over to the coral reef side Aragonite sand holds a lasting reservoir of calcium carbonate, which is slowly but constantly released to buffer and to hold up the pH. My goal is to have a very fine white sand for bottom dwellers in my new 210g tank and about a 4-6 inch sand bed. Pour the sand gently into the bottom of the aquarium so it creates a medium-thick layer at the bottom. This material is great for an aquarium because it acts as a host for beneficial bacteria and creates a great environment for fish and invert that live happily. 99 $8. One of the more readily available options, red claw crabs grow to about three or four inches in length. *Our plants are held in tanks with algae eating snails, fish and shrimp. If you have a marine tank, one of the best things you can buy for it is Live Sand. We practically invented large pieces of the aquarium aggregate industry. Catalog view options Jun 20, 2020 · One of the first decisions you’ll face when designing an aquarium is what type of substrate to use in the bottom of your tank. Eight environmentally accurate ecoscapes, developed from CaribSea's cooperation with public aquariums and zoological parks where authenticity is a must, Arag-Alive! makes any aquarium uniquely yours. Aquarium sand can be found in any pet store or aquarium shop, it comes in large bags, and does not cost very much either. These include (Freshwater), saltwater and reef clubs. 15 - 0. This patented, premium-quality sand is 100% natural from the ocean and contains live marine bacteria that quickly stabilizes your tank so you can add fish the same day you Is sand a good thing to put in a planted tank? I love the look of sand in the tank, but I also hate fake plants. I have used it and it can be done But then I discovered Pool filter sand and will never use play sand again. Snails – Freshwater aquarium snails come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. The process of turning dried rock and coral “live” can be sped up by adding rocks, sand, and other objects to a newly established aquarium from an established, older aquarium. If you want some sand in the tank, use a small plastic container about 1-2 inches high and put sand in that. com The Only Name in Aquarium Gravel. Larger aquarium stones or gravel should be avoided. The exemption is a reef set-up, where the lighting system alone can easily cost as much as a fish only tank. The following is a brief profile of some popular media and their respective merits and limitations: Re: Live Sand Question For SaltWater Biocube Aquarium Take, and put the sand in a container, and fill it with either tank water or new salt water. Imagitarium Black Sand Aquatic Substrate sets the stage for a bold and demure aquatic environment. This bacteria growth happens in both Saltwater and Freshwater. Each pound of Nature’s Ocean Bio-Activ ™ Live Aragonite Reef Sand contains more than 10 million live bacteria per pound in naturally-formed biofilms ready to biochemically cycle your aquarium and rapidly provide a healthy environment. When you decide to keep live freshwater aquarium plants, you don’t simply buy some plants, add water, and walk away hoping everything works and the plants live. Fish Tanks Direct specializes exclusively in freshwater fish tanks and saltwater aquariums. Our freshwater fish tanks also come with many accessories to ensure they are functioning properly and smoothly. In addition to easiness of keeping, these plants have been optimised to be low price, high availability and very aesthetic. 0 - Mar 29, 2012 · With mature live rock and the live sand, soon the deep sand bed will be teeming with life. Live Fish Direct $10. Imagitarium Black Aquarium Sand, 5 lbs. We do our best to keep all aquatic plants in stock. Use this aquarium gravel to highlight the lush greens of your plants, accentuate the bold beautiful colors of coral or showcase the shimmering scales of your fresh or saltwater fish. 99 $12. Bio-Activ Live® Natural White Live Cichlid Sand ITEM: #88426 UPC: #029904884264 Grain Size:1. 00 each, I am selling all 3 bags for $50. Regular price $34. Aug 21, 2018 · Here are some pros to using the black sandblasting media as aquarium sand, that I’ve found to stand out: It’s really cheap. This means that the nutrients from the water won't leach down into the sand to be taken up through the roots of live plants. Over time any sand bed becomes live as microorganisms begin to thrive. Freshwater aquariums are an easy place for new aquarium hobbyists to start but they also offer a wide world of opportunity for experienced hobbyists to expand and grow. The recommended amount of Live Rock in a saltwater aquarium is about 1. LiveAquaria offers aquarium hobbyists the best shopping experience possible, with a trusted selection of freshwater and marine fish, corals, reef rock, invertebrates, live plants, AND quality aquarium supplies. Use a minimum of 1lb Bio-Activ Live Argaonite Live Sand pergallon of saltwater. html we discuss the benefits of live sand in your aquarium and the diffe. For a beginner planted aquarium, consider low light aquarium plants: a foreground plant like false Java Moss (Taxiphyllum barbieri) and background plants like Flame Moss (Taxiphyllum spec. 00 Firm. Jan 23, 2019 · A freshwater planted aquarium is a stunning way to not only showcase your fish but also give them a natural-feeling home. It naturally uses its mouth to forage for algae, so it is wise to add a soft sand substrate. May 13, 2009 · The weight really depends on the sand your buying. Plants for Sale CO2 Aquarium Pics . Aug 13, 2014 · How to Choose the Right Aquarium Sand August 13, 2014 by Robert Brand 6 Comments It seems almost a given that when you go to the store to pick up an aquarium, you also grab a few bags of multicolored gravel to use as the substrate. So which one is best Live Reef Sand, Oolite Ocean Direct Live Reef Sand, Aragonite Fiji Pink Dry Sand 40lbs, Hawaiian Black Arag-Alive! Live Reef Sand, Aragonite Special Grade Dry Sand 40lbs, E-Marco-400. Jun 04, 2020 · If you are currently in search of the best rocks for freshwater aquarium, take in mind that some of the inert rocks that are certainly risk-free options and could absolutely look appealing in your freshwater aquarium consist of plastic rocks, basalt rock, lava rocks, quartz, slate or shale. Introduction. Post. Aug 21, 2018 · This sand is heavier than a regular one so it will dissipate faster when disturbed. 2 The released calcium is a valued trace element for corals and overall functionality of the aquarium. When you do this you should see that all the debris and waste in the sand will settle on the top. Use a 50/50 combination of live sand (new store-bought sand or used sand from an established aquarium) and non-living sand. It may be necessary to supplement a clam’s diet with very finely ground Calcium enriched pellets or tablets, fish flakes or algae wafers. However, Imagitarium Black Aquarium Sand is an excellent product. You will see that debris and deposits have settled on the surface of the sand. Sand is a more natural environment for your aquarium compared to gravel, particularly if you keep fish. Our aquarium sand also has a very nice, smooth look and it is fun to watch the fish play in the sand that they enjoy so much. Buy products related to freshwater aquarium live sand products and see what customers say about freshwater aquarium live sand products on Amazon. No problem except the aragonite content in the live sand causes the water pH to be a bit higher than usual - so fish species that thrive in low pH levels might have slight trouble adapting. 99 Anubias Barteri ‘Wrinkle Leaf’ $12. Aquarium decorations include both the substrate and backgrounds used with tanks. Freshwater Plants for Aquariums Some fish tank plants are easier to care for than others. Jan 06, 2008 · If you cycle the tank before adding fish and use bottled reverse osmosis water, you'll be fine. Freshwater Snails can live upwards of three years in the right environment, so the problem can quickly get out of control in your fish tank. Own a sliver of the sunlit Sri Lankan gravel streams famous for sapphires and rubies. × . Set up an appropriate filtering system and allow it to circulate. Dramatic black sand rivers and beaches grace the flanks of verdant tropical islands capped by smouldering volcanoes. Sep 29, 2017 · From the breakdown in the table you can see that saltwater aquariums are roughly twice as expensive to setup, than a freshwater tank. You can now bring the world’s most exotic reefs into your home with CaribSea’s Arag-Alive!™ substrates. Jun 20, 2020 · One of the first decisions you’ll face when designing an aquarium is what type of substrate to use in the bottom of your tank. 5MM - 20lb Live Sand Bag Brand New Aquarium & Fish Supplies Superstore. place the full container in the bottom of your cube, and turn it over. 3, which wouldn't be good for most tropical community fish. Rinse stone gravel using the Activ Betta® Bio-Activ Aqueous Live solution until clean. In comparison to most natural habitats, an aquarium is densely populated, with its denizens producing a great deal of waste relative to the space. Sand substrate is a popular choice among many aquarium keepers, as it helps to recreate a natural environment which is great for your fish, while also being inexpensive and really quite attractive. Organisms and bacteria that live in and on the rock die when the rock is transported from the ocean to the dealer. No dyes and no powder. Patent #'s: 6,376,299 & 6,939,708) Just place in tank, add saltwater (for best results use NutriSeawater) then add fish, no waiting required. Jun 20, 2020 · Place your fingers into the sand at the bottom of your tank. 54$12. Using aragonite can push the pH to about 8. 50 CaribSea Live Sand 20lbs Bahamas Oolite. Home › Aquarium Supplies. So you’re ready to take the plunge in to the exclusive club of luxury aquarium owners. Apr 29, 2019 · Broadly defined, aquarium decorations include both manufactured (fake) and organic (living or was living at one time) decorations, used in both saltwater and freshwater environments. Jul 25, 2019 · Types of Aquarium Sand Play Sand: This is the most inexpensive way to give a great natural look to your fish tank. Freshwater stingrays originated from the Amazon River system just like most of the other aquarium fish. Being carbonate rich, Onyx Sand provides an advantage to any plants able to utilize bicarbonates. Ranges in particle size from 0. living space for beneficial microbes and anchoring for plants. RODI Freshwater 5 Gallon Refill. I am using live sand so can I fill it with tap water, or will it hurt the live sand? 300 gal will be a long time filling if done after declorintate and salt mix by buckets. Mussels live near rocks and on the floors of bodies of water and eat plankton, algae and other microscopic marine dwellers with their valves acting as filters. All animals emit waste in the form of ammonia (NH4); that compound is extremely toxic and must be removed. Being one of the most popular creatures for both breeders and hobbyists, Freshwater Aquarium Shrimps are undoubtedly the cutest things you can fill inside your tank. html Today on BRStv, we discuss the benefits of live sand in your aquarium and the diffe To fill water to the aquarium, pour water right onto the dining plate in order to avoid agitating the sand bed. 45. There is a lot of mis-information both pro and con as to the use of these sands for planted aquariums. Poke holes throughout the container to aid in water flow through the sand. Designed specifically for use in freshwater aquariums, our sand will not affect the tank water   Colored Freshwater Gravel · Decorative Aragamax Sugar-Sized Dry Aragonite Reef Sand - 30 lb. live sand for freshwater aquarium

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